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UNDER reCONSTRUCTION (semi-permanantly)

This is where my mind wanders, too

Been a while since I babbled here.
I just checked the page count, and for some strange reason, people are hitting this page, so I figured I might as well update it so you don't have to go straight to the Mother Teresa rant.
So, Whats happened sience 970906 you ask?
Well, got myself a Jeep, Blue 94 YJ, white soft top, starting to customize it a bit, should be quite sweet by summer.
Been offroading with it a bit down the power lines, only got it stuck (winch needing stuck) twice, once one front wheel was 3 feet off the ground and one rear wheel not quite at the bottom of a deep drainage hole, we thought it was gonna flip over, about an hour of pushing and the classic "you jump on the front bumper while I jam it in reverse" menuver, we got all 4 on the ground but the frame firmly planted on the embankment.
Walked a mile to the center of town, called for shovels, (Oh, this was all at 9pm or so, so it was cold and dark, felt I needed to set the mood a bit), Dad showed up , we dug, pushed, shoved wood under, rocked, and got muddy for another hour and then called it a night.
Next day. Got chain. Got 30ft of 4ton steel cable. Got a 2 ton hand winch. 30 minutes later I'm out of the hole and 4 wheeling my way the hell out of there.
Life was good again.
I gotta get a disposable camera to record my adventures so I can post the pics up here. The amount of mud on (and in) the Jeep was truly a sight to see.
The other wierd thing about owning a Jeep, and this kinda freaked me out at first, is other people in Jeeps tend to wave at you. This happens more often outside of 128, than in the city, for some reason. I guess there's supposed to be some secret society of Jeep owners or something wierd like that. Now I can see the whole comradere thing, thats cool, and I'm trying to get in the habit of waving first instead of reacting to the wave with a shock. Now, I can see the wave when your off road, you want to make friends in case you need your ass hauled out of a ditch, but on dry pavement a wave is just a friendly gesture with no hope for reward other than a wave in return. Could this mean that Jeep owners are friendlier than say Volkswagon owners? I loved my VW Jetta GLI, but I never waved to other Jetta owners. When I was driving a brown 79 Chevy Impala a little more than a year ago, I'd look at the drivers of other cars of similar vintage and see the driver looking back, in mutual awe, that we were both still commuting happily in cars that should have been dead years ago, but a wave was rarely, if ever exchanged. (this is why it's called babble)
I think I'm gonna just wave to everyone I drive by one day. Not just Jeeps, why discrimanate. And I'm sure each person will ask his and/or herself the same quesions I did when I was first waved at: Who is that? Do I know anyone in a Jeep? maybe it will bother them for weeks, wondering where they've seen me before. Maybe they'll just brush it off, or in a worse case use it as an excuse to cut in front of me. Well, enough on waving. If you're skimming this, you can probably skip this paragraph
Ya see, I have this little rule about this page. I never delete anything from it.
So if my mind wanders and I hit save, it's there forever.
I try not to let that limit my flow of babble.
By the way, seeing how people are actually hitting this page, how about ranting back in the guestbook on the front page. Let me know if you like the page, if you think the moose take to long to load, how you hate that half the links in the rolodex don't work anymore, you get the idea.
Oh, here's some linkage for ya, but first some background.
My roommate Gina has a cat, Quinn.
It's generally agreed that Quinn has a weight problem. And as he's a black and white Heffer pattern, he occasionally gets Moo'ed at by guests at our house. My friend Mike made himself a little page about Quinn the Amazing CowCat. We thought it was a riot, but we live with the Beast so you might not be as ammused. You've wasted this much time, you might as well take a peek.
Gee, almost a page of text in this sitting.
Damn, I wish notepad had a spellcheck.

Well, I've filled up the front page with enough crap, looks like it's time to add some content to this page
Content=Brain Spew
Mother Teresa's Dead. My roommate's boyfriend says that this is the final sign that the world is coming to an end. Aparently Nostrodamus said so. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

Princess Di's Dead, too. My opinion is that the driver is the only person to blame. If the driver had any kinda sence at all, he wouldn't have tried to menuver a car at that speed in a tunnel. Aren't people who drive semi-Royalty around sposed to be trained or something? One other possiblity, that I haven't heard in the press yet, so I might as well try to spread the rumor myself, is that the driver commited suicide in order to kill Di and her Millionare friend. Who would order such an attack? Charles? The Queen? the people who make landmines? the possibilities are endless enough to keep the tabloids cranking out more trash for months.
Ahhhh enough current events crap.

970906:0302 CNN Headline News in on, Mother Teresa is still dead. fnord
So is The Princess

So I guess I might as well tell ya a bit about me, just in case the woman of my dreams stumbles upon this site and falls madly in love, hey, stranger things have happened.
Hmmmm, just noticed that I already gave the 'about me' speach about 4 inches down from here.
Kinda, basic though. Hmmmm
My Color: Stand outside at 9:13 pm on June 29th at a location of 43 degrees North and look up. It's that shade of blue.
My Spirit Animal: Kuma, The Bear
I'll have to throw in some Bear links here...
I can totally relate to the Bear philosphy:
Don't piss me off, and I won't eat you.
Kinda like the Golden Rule of the Wild
Whenever I see the shows where Bears are mauling tourists, I always root for the Bear.
I know it may sound sick, but who cares, the tourist was more than likely asking for it anyways,
and if your dumb enough to be eaten by a Bear, then thats Evolution in Action.
Also, I would like to ask that out of respect of this fine animal, that members of the Police not be refered to as Bears or even Smokey, but by there proper derogitory lable, Pigs.
On that note, I'm off to snag Bear stuff for the page.
or maybe just sleep...
970906:0423 CNN Princess Di is being pulled down the street by a team of horses, surrounded by guys in uniforms that make the TV have that strange effect like when Johny Carson wore a pin stripe suit, only horozontal and yellow this time, but I digress, speaking of digression, whats the deal with the Brittish Fuzzy Military Hats? Is this supposed to be a camoflage technique? No, Omar, don't shoot that, its a Giant Muskrat, not a soldier...
If anyone know the reason behind the big fuzzy hats, write it down on a piece of tinfoil with a ball point pen, wrap 23 cents in the tinfoil (92% of a quater will also qualify) and hide it in the coin return of a pay-phone. Then dial (202)456-7041 (collect), yell Hail Eris!, hang up and run away quickly.
We will pick up the answer and entrance fee, and reply with further instructions by using Braile in the ceiling tiles in your place of business.
Keep checking every mourning until you are contacted, then follow the instructions to recieve your Prize

970906:0451, Bye.

Howdy, It's 10:30pm on Monday, July 28th,1997 and I'm editing my page

Here's a pic of me thats about 2 years old, probably soon to be replaced

It's sure to become a colectors item, so get your copy today!

Seeing how me and Kat have been hanging out on CU alot lately

I thought id give you a little help figuring out what that stuff

is on the wall behind us

From top to bottom:

A fractal tie dye VW bus poster, I almost wish I had color so you could appriciate it.

Under that is a LINUX box stuck to my corkboard with a cheap red plastic dart.

To it's right is my Fed Tax refund check, it's for $2., and it's staying there.

Under that is my end table which is covered in assorted crap.(Tums,cool looking blue ice tea bottle, alarm clock, change, and so forth

The left side shows my door, it's got a cat toy hanging from it.

Here's a picture of me taken with my CU Cam, see page 2 for why there is not a color pic here.
I'm topless because it's hot and humid here, not cuz I'm proud or anything.

I'm 29, used to have blond hair, now it's kinda brownish, blue eyes, bit shy of 6 feet, bout 155lbs, I work as a support rep for a semi-major software company, I'm single, and an Erisian Pagan.

If your found this page I'd be very amazed. Drop me a line and let me know how you stumbled in here.

You can send me mail at:


Well, Kat's home, and my once productive PC is now a CU box for her amusement. Maybe this page will get some more work done this week.

Oh, don't bother with the sheep link, it's not there...

Later, Kuma
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