Me and my baby

These were taken at my parents house

The YJ looks great, except for the lack of mud.

A shot of Mike, my usual co-pilot and photographer.

The pics from the actual instalation of the bumper were taken on another camera, I'm waiting for Mike to develop that roll and I'll post it as soon as I can.
The installation was pretty basic, in theroy anyways, just remove the 4 bolts that hold the stock bumper in place, line this one up with the holes and refasten the Torx bolts.
In reality, it required that we hack off a piece of the bottom mounting bracket so that it would clear the spring mounts, and the holes didn't line up perfectly, so we mounted the vertical mounting pieces first then squezed them toggether by tightening up the bolts for the center pipes, the job would have been much easier if they supplied longer bolts (or if we got off our ass and went to the hardware store). The washers had to be scraped so we could catch a thread on both sides, thats how close it was.

The tires were put on by Sears, and they had the best price by about $30 a tire. My cost was $103 a tire, mounted and balanced, for the BFG 235/75/15