Here are the pics from May 9th, 1998 when we went in search of the Mohawk Trail.
This is the first roll of film we took that day. The images are shown in the order they were taken. This roll is mainly confined to the powerlines in Gill, MA.
Click on the small pics to see the full size picture, (about 40k each)
Mohawk Pics Page 2

The journy begins... in the Mohawk Trail region of Western Mass We find the power lines near the French King Bridge in the Mohawk Trail region of Western Mass The journey begins... Mike wanted me to drive the Jeep over this bridge... WASN'T SErious, thank you very much :P - Mike Didn't seem like a good idea. If I stayed out of the jeep and you fell in, sure it would've been a good idea :P what I would have fallen into if I took his advice. Now it starts to get fun! after a few attempts, I make it to the top. taken about half way up the slope looking at my triumphant YJ Did I mention it was raining? We got 6 inches of rain in the first 10 days of May Looking back at the tough slope More Fun! Found a nice mud hole Broke up some sticks and jammed them under the wheels for traction Breaking Free Shot of the mud hole Same mud hole Posing by the pit

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