Howdy Jeepers!!!
It's been a while sience I've added any new pics to this site, and as winter is now in full force its unlikely that I'll be adding any more soon, so I've created this index page so you can get a preview of some of the older trips out with The YJ.
The most recent set of pics is now well over a year old, and you may think that I don't take the Jeep out 4 Wheeling any more, or that maybe I've lost interest in The YJ. I'll admit that after 2 years some of the thrill has gone, and I'm no longer hitting the trails every weekend like I was the first summer I had The YJ, but The YJ does still gets muddy every now and then.
After I bought myself a piece of land up in Vermont back in September, '98, I started spending my weekends that fall building my camp, and in the spring and summer I made the road trip up to my camp every weekend, working some weekends and just relaxing, hiking or 4 Wheeling on the logging roads on others. Finally in November '99 I moved from Boston to Vermont, and I hope to start getting more 4 Wheeling pics posted up here once Spring arrives.
Until then, please keep checking the Buliten Board and helping your fellow Jeepers with their questions.
Happy Trails,



Flat Fender Job, 8-2-02



Rhode Island, 9-27-98



Rhode Island, 6-28-98



Southern New Hampshire, 5-30-98



Gill, MA, 5-24-98



Norfolk, MA 5-23-98



New Bumper and Tires, 5-23-98



Dressing up the back, 5-16-98



Gill, MA, 5-9-98



Eastern MA, 5-3-98



Early Pics



Posted: 1-25-2000