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Pages that ammuse me:

R.A.W.'s official homepage
"One of the most important scientific philosophers of this century -- scholarly, witty, scientific, hip and hopeful."
Timothy Leary, Ph.D.


A Random Camera
This site has an unorganized list of hundreds of Web Cams
Or just hit the big button and see where you land.

The other white meat...
The local rag
The Boston Globe online.
What They want you to know...

What They don't want you to know.

Cecil Adams' famous column on the Web
A special message of much concern to Mt. Dew drinkers

this is where I got most of the animated GIFs on this page.
I love sites like this.

The Erisian Rolodex

A collection of Erisian links in a cool drop down menu thingy.


Coming Soon, The Story Behind The Banana

OK, We walked around Harvard Square drunk
off our ass one night and had people sign our banana, met alot of cool people, you should try it some time!

Stop touching me...

Here's the link to my personal page

And if you want to see some pics of my Jeep, this will take you there.
Here's a link to my roommante Kat's Page:

Here's my other roommate, Bulldog's page:

Here's the current Moon Phase

This is updated every 4 hours from the US Naval Observatory
Snoop around there site, they have some cool stuff.

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Hey, it was free and all you need to do is paste in a URL
OK, so maybe it's kinda like selling out, but I think I can live with myself