If somehow you found this site, it's not done cooking yet so snack on this until it's ready.

Razmear.com has been stolen by an evil bald cabbage. Razmear.us is now up and replaces the previously poorly maintained web site. All links are the same, just swap .us for .com if you should happen to hit one I havent fixed yet.

Well, I've had this poorly maintained portal into my world up for over 4 years now, and I guess it's time to add some content from this century. Those Old Rants from 1996 will still be around, but, hey the times they are a changing, so I'll be venting in the lamely named "Latest News" link down below.
Yeah, I know I need to update the Rolodex, give me another year and I'll guarentee that all the links will work for at least 12 hours.
Well mightaswellgetonwithit.

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  • FreeSharing.org One of my latest projects.
  • Magnetic Breeze Magnetic Jewlery My new store.
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  • Old Rants (pre-19980131)
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  • On the Trail of Emperor Norton

    Note: Many links and email addresses on the sites within are still broken, I'm in the process of transfering all my old crap here, and getting everything nice and case matched now that I'm back in Unixland.
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